Of course, it is possible to certify one’s cash register software and this has become an obligation under the law since 1 January 2018. In fact, this finance law was decided in 2016. The government regulated the use of cash register software to combat VAT fraud, i.e. value added tax. The use of a cash register software is akin to concealing part of the revenue generated. The trader must therefore use compliant and secure software.


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In other words, this cash register software must also be accompanied by a certificate issued by a body issued by the publisher or by an authorised body. The compliance of these cash register software packages, which also include e-commerce, is based on 4 criteria: the inalterability of the data, their security, their storage and their accessibility in the event of an audit by the tax authorities. Thus, the regulation of cash register software is geared towards data mining in order to limit tax fraud. If the software has other functionalities than those of collection, they are not taken into account in its compliance.


There are two types of organisations that can provide you with a compliance vertical for your cash register software. The first is AFNOR certification with its NF525 certificate of conformity. The second organisation is the Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais (LNE), which offers a certificate of reference for the certification of cash register systems. The certificate of conformity must state that the cash register software complies with the four criteria for data processing, i.e. archiving, storage, security and inalterability of data. The version number of the software must be indicated on this type of certificate.


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The publisher of the cash register software also has the option of issuing a certificate of conformity for its customers. It must produce a certificate that allows it to certify that its software meets the requirements established by French law. An official model is therefore provided so that the publisher can fill it in efficiently. If the trader who also owns the software does not comply with the regulations concerning the conformity of his software, he may be fined 7,500 euros. In this case, the fined trader must comply within 60 days, or risk another fine.

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