Nomad Remote management
Centralization of data Visuel article centralisation mobile
Centralization of data

Sharing of customer files, data sheets & purchase orders.

Data management software


Coupon Center: the centralization of vouchers.

Image vision globale de l'état des cartes cadeaux

Automated verification of gift card sales and usage.

Requires Merlin and iBusiness.

Global view of the status of the gift cards in the trade fair group.

Visuel Vos cartes cadeaux consommables

Your gift cards can be used in each of the salons in a group.

Guest Center: the mutualisation of customer and technical files.

Visuel de strasbourg à bordeaux

From Strasbourg to Bordeaux
your employees serve him
his coffee without sugar, smart!

Flèche direction droite Nomad

Access all information about a customer no matter which of your group’s salons they visit (general information, loyalty points, data sheets, annotations).

Les avantages !

Pictogramme Fidélisez la clientèle

Build customer loyalty by personalising their reception in the salon

Pictogramme vision globale des cartes cadeaux

A global view of gift cards in circulation

Pictogramme Simplifiez la tache

Simplify the work of your employees

Pictogramme fauteuil rendezvous

The "Franchise" effect improves the image of the salon group

Pictogramme politique tarifaire

Homogeneity of the pricing policy in your salons

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