I want to do my business at home, how do I go about it?

To be a hairdresser at home, the procedure to follow is the same as for opening a hairdressing salon (diploma, internship, etc). However, there are specific rules that must be strictly followed.
Indeed, you must first ask for the authorisation of the lessor (of the co-ownership), the authorisation of the mayor (so as not to disturb the neighbourhood) and the opinion of an architect to validate the proper implementation of safety standards.
Also, you will have to comply with the ERP standards (Establishment Receiving the Public) and declare your activity to your insurer to take out professional multi-risk insurance (to cover the premises and equipment) and professional civil liability insurance since you will be receiving third parties at your home.

I would like to open an afro hairdressing salon, is there a specific procedure?

Regardless of the type of hairdressing you will offer in your salon, the procedure is identical. Only the implementation of facials, body treatments, either beauty services requires compliance with rules, additional measures.

I want to be a hairdresser at home, is it a commercial activity? Are the rules the same as for setting up a hairdressing salon?

The rules and procedures for setting up a hairdressing salon are the same when you are a home-based hairdresser. However, it will not be a commercial activity.
The only obligation that is added when you want to be a home-based hairdresser and therefore travel to customers is the holding of a “travelling craftsman card”.
This card is compulsory if you carry out your activity outside your commune of residence. Issued by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts within one month, it is valid for 4 years.
If you do not receive a reply 2 months after your application, consider it refused.

I would like to become a franchisee, how do I go about it?

Again, the steps are the same, however, you can get support from the franchise, once you have made your choice from the very many franchises.
Tip: to open a franchise, try to choose a brand that wants to set up in your town. The franchise will be able to help you find premises, etc.

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