Remote management
Visual Lucy Artificial Intelligence Visuel Lucy mobile

Artificial intelligence

Lucy, the artificial intelligence software


Merlin uses artificial intelligence to provide you with an optimal use of your software.

Lucy - Picto Conseil de gestion au quotidien

Management tips
on a daily basis!

visuel Lucy - Erreurs humaines

Lucy recognizes human errors and inconsistent entries and informs you immediately.

Les avantages !

Pictogramme Des conseils sur mesures

Tailor-made and relevant advice

Lucy - Une rentabilité optimisé

Optimised profitability

Pictogramme Une veille constante de votre activité

Constant monitoring of your business

Pictogramme Un outil dee travail pratique et complet

A practical and complete working tool

Pictogramme Paramètres personnalisables

Parameters that can be adapted to your specific needs

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