Tips for managing the home office

We are all in the same boat and live together in a confined space. Here are our tips for holding on and even developing good habits.

Image femme maintenir le rythme
the rhythm

Did you get up at 7:30 a.m. to go to work? Keep it up! Rhythm is the key to balance for us adults as well as for toddlers. However, you can take advantage of the time you spend in transport to take some time for yourself: a great breakfast, a hair mask, a little sport. The choice is yours! If you are not teleworking, apply the same principle and try to maintain fixed times for your different activities: don’t get caught up in the full season of your favourite series at 1.30 pm, you’ll get depressed!

image femme renouer avec les bonnes choses
Reconnecting with
the good

If there is one thing that rhymes with containment it is gourmet. The whole of France, rich in its gastronomic culture, has taken to the stove. The greatest chefs are mobilising to offer us new recipes every day, for all levels. Why not get involved? Re-create family moments around meals… Cooler than the lunchbox taped to the computer screen, isn’t it?

Image femme bloc prendre conscience du temps
of time

Not being swept away by the frenzy and stress of everyday life can leave some people with a great sense of emptiness. Be aware of this time, use it. Be at every thing you do 100%, don’t botch your hair drying because you are afraid of being late, finish the chapter of your book, enjoy the sunshine, but really. You’ll see your days will have a whole new taste and will be even more fulfilled!

Image téléphone garder le contact
Keeping in touch

Social life is important, it is the foundation of any society.We are fortunate to live in an ultra-connected age that allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones. Visio call with your parents, your friends, your work colleagues… Children also need it. Many applications have been created to facilitate this process.

Image femme bloc etre en forme
Being fit

We’ve seen a lot of sports challenges on social media from the start of the lockdown. Your body doesn’t necessarily need to become your exclusive focus during this time, take the time to do things, at your own pace. Why not take a yoga or gentle gym class for 15-20 minutes a day and stick to it, just to feel good and still without pressure.

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