The INDISPENSABLE tools for beauty salons

In the beauty and wellness sector, there are many of you who open beauty salons, and there are also many of you who offer the same type of services. In order to stand out from the crowd and to ensure that your brand and your institute are increasingly visible, it is important that you put in place a communication plan as well as a well-honed marketing strategy.


Modelling, waxing, facials, body treatments, eyelash extensions, etc. The services offered by beauty salons are often identical. Of course, many institutes stand out, either by selling luxury products or treatments, or by selling trendy products and treatments, or by offering rare and original services.


Thanks to a good marketing strategy and a well-functioning communication plan, you will be able to promote and enhance your beauty institute, increase your booking rate and therefore increase your turnover!


Communicate off-line AND on-line!

Offline communication and marketing

Billboards, business cards, brochure, street-marketing, radios, written press (regional or local)… All these channels are part of the off-line communication and will certainly allow you to attract more customers.
The rate of trust in so-called “traditional” or off-line channels is always higher than that in digital channels.

This is important;

It is important to make your online and offline communication plans complementary.


If you decide for example in off-line to do street-marketing and distribute flyers with a discount for a facial or a waxing, it will inevitably benefit you to share this flyer on social networks. This way, you will reach more of the population in your area and thanks to street-marketing, your prospects will be more targeted.

Online marketing and communication

The so-called “digital” channels are part of online communication. These are the websites or the social networks.


For any company, whatever its activity, having a website is essential. This static site, has no need to be fed several times a day like social networks and promotes your activity night and day. Photos, videos, editorial content, by calling on a web agency composed of developers, graphic designers and writers, you can easily insert any type of content on your site and attract customers more or less close to your sector.


Today having a website is a proof of professionalism, this site alone testifies to your credibility and ensures you visibility important, especially if a SEO (natural referencing) strategy is put in place. Indeed, with natural referencing, you will appear among the first Google results.


Also, a website will allow you to set uponline management software, stock management, an online calendar, etc. All these new tools will allow you to fidelize even more your customers and save a maximum of time.


Social networking is equally important. However, you will need to be careful about negative customer comments as well as frequent sharing of posts or publications. This is a community manager, who is usually hired to handle your Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Their role is to respond to customers, handle negative comments, post photos, videos of events you are linked to or have created in your beauty salon.

Tutorials, Packaging, Sponsorship, … How to set up a marketing strategy for a beauty salon?

Yourmarketing strategy will allow you to build customer loyalty. For example, it involves putting the flagship products that work well on window. To ensure a minimum of hygiene, to value your facials, body care, etc. and to place them at the height of your customers who will observe with attention.


Giving customers goodies, sponsored items with the name of your brand, your beauty salon, is also a way to get advertising for you and therefore to make yourself known near your institute.


Newsletters, loyalty cards, discount vouchers, birthday gifts (facials, waxing, modelling, etc.) are all effective and relevant marketing tools in your business sector.


Whether it’s for the inauguration of your beauty salon, for February 14 or even for December 31, as a team you will have to try to find marketing operations likely to satisfy your customers, get people talking about you and attract even more people.


The image of your institute conveyed through all communication channels must be identical when people walk through the door of your establishment. Internet users as well as prospects who have received a flyer by post or through street marketing must find the identity of your brand as soon as they enter your beauty salon.


Multiplication of communication channels, coherence between the online site and the establishment, a smiling and dynamic welcome, frequent marketing operations, promotions, quality products and treatments… All these tools, all these advices will allow your beauty salon to stand out and will give you the possibility to keep your customers.
A well-briefed team is also one of the keys to the success of your salon.


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