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The basics of Merlin software
Included in the Airplane & Atomic packs
  • Online booking

    Online booking software

  • Collection

    Collection and billing software

  • Secure client files

    Software for managing and centralising your customer files

  • Staff

    Software for managing schedules between employees

  • Stock

    Stock management software

  • Smart calendar

    Time management software for optimised planning

  • Communication

    Software to retain your customers

  • Activity analysis

    Statistical analysis software for monitoring your activity

  • Security

    Secure and certified software for your business

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    Complementary tools

    • Marketing

      Marketing software

    • iMerlin

      Interactive software for your customers

    • In Salon

      Website creation software

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      In-depth management

      • Nomad

        Mobile management and monitoring application

      • Data synchronisation

        Data management software

      • Remote management

        Remote management software

      • Lucy

        Lucy, the artificial intelligence software

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        They are talking !

        Johann Bartoche
        Owner of the salon "Johann Bartoche - Hair Alchemist" in Boulogne-Billancourt

        "As a hairdresser for 25 years, I got to know the Ikosoft company in 2008. When I created my first salon in 2012, I chose it as a partner, and until then, I was satisfied with it. In 2019, I decided to sell my salon and to evolve: I was then solicited by a colleague who proposed me an all-in-one service to digitalize my salon with an application and the latest tools. The visuals and the presentation caught my attention, because the flaw I could reproach to the Ikosoft software was the lack of modernism in its presentation and its color codes, as well as the presentation of the website templates. So I experimented for 3 months with this new partner with whom I lived an unparalleled hell, and I quickly realized the effectiveness of Ikosoft on many subjects such as cash flow statements, marketing, after-sales service, training service ... In short, the multitude of things that can be put in place to help business owners find their autonomy. Ikosoft's seniority in its field gives it all the legitimacy to be among the leaders on the market as a specific hairdressing cash register software. This is why I decided to renew my partnership with them for my new salon since 3 months, and finally the serenity is back. I congratulate them for their work, the rigor and the customer relationship worthy of the name and it is with great pleasure that I could recommend them in the future to colleagues who want to develop their business in peace! "

        Olivier Lebrun
        Salon OLAB PARIS

        "What we like about the Merlin software is that the client who is part of the Olab network will always be welcomed in the same way because she will already be known. And we really liked that. Merlin is a very intuitive software, and it was easy to learn. This computer tool helps us every day to manage the agenda of each hairdresser and colorist as well as our customer base. There is a very real aspect, when our client leaves the salon she receives her card with her services. Very simple. Very efficient. "

        Eric Pfalzgraff
        Creator of Coiff1rst salons

        "The Merlin software is a great tool for managing my salons. It allows me to know everything that is happening in real time and to send marketing operations to all my salons simultaneously via the software. I can have a precise follow-up of my trade shows in France and abroad and define objectives. The Ikosoft teams are hyper responsive to the slightest need! "

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          21 000 salons

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          35 pays

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          SAV 6j/7

          Icone blanc SMS

          17 000 000 SMS

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          100 000 RDV

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