In a commercial activity with private individuals, it has become necessary to have a cash register and more particularly a solid computer program at the base of this cash machine, commonly called the cash register software. It is this tool that allows you to cash out and more specifically will allow you to ensure the printing of cash receipts, the management of invoicing, the management of customer and employee records, etc.

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The benefits of cash register software

Cash register software has a large number of advantages that you can take advantage of as a professional who conducts business mainly with individuals. Indeed, the cash register software within a cash register supports businesses in managing the various facets of sales.

It is an effective tool for the management of the business;

It is an effective tool for the management of cash registers, i.e., to generate cash receipts, to ensure invoicing throughout the sale. This cash register software also allows you to manage customer files by allowing you to have for each customer a file with the consultation of the history, the details of the various services and also possibly the preferences of your customers.

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The cash register software also allows you to ensure customer loyalty, particularly by managing your loyalty programme for your customers. It can also allow you to manage the marketing of your business by sending mailings, e-mailing, etc. It gives you the ability to manage the various aspects concerning the stock of your start-up, i.e., improving cash flow, barcode scanning, etc. The appointment management can possibly be handled with this cashiering device. Finally, a cash register software can help you to manage your business.

The obligations of this cashiering device

French law requires cash register software to be certified to meet the compliance standards in force to combat value added tax (VAT) fraud. Certification is mandatory for software intended for commercial activities aimed at private individuals. This regulation allows, among other things, the regular use of the cash register software. This tool must respect four conditions of compliance: inalterability, security, conservation and finally archiving of data. Indeed, the data used by the cash register software is at the heart of the finance law implemented in 2018.

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