In order to combat value-added tax fraud, the 2018 Finance Act is intended to strengthen the certification of cash register software. It is essential for a trader to know his obligations in order to carry out his professional activity in full compliance.

What is cash register software?

A cash register or collection software is a computer system that allows the collection of payments for a business, in other words, it gives the possibility of making extra-accounting records of payments related to sales and various services of the merchant and thus to be able to save them. These various actions do not generally generate accounting entries. It is the collection data that must comply with the conditions of the 2018 Finance Act.

This law concerns traders and more specifically professionals liable for value added tax (VAT). Therefore, professionals not subject to VAT, those exempt from value added tax, professions with the VAT exemption regime and finally the agricultural flat-rate reimbursement regime are not concerned by the certification of cash software. Professionals with a B2B (business to business) activity are not affected by this regulation either.


Regulations on cash register software in France

It is not compulsory for the trader to have a cash register software. However, the latter remains essential in a commercial activity aimed at private individuals. Therefore, in order to limit fraud and ensure the security of the data used in the context of cash registration, a finance law has been put in place to regulate the use of this type of software.


It is recommended to apply for the certification of the cash register software to its supplier or software publisher. This compliance vertical is intended to certify that the cash register software applies certain conditions :

Condition of inalterability: the cash register software employed must give the possibility of carrying out any data related to the payments without them encountering inalterability ;
it must make it possible to ensure the security of the original data, any possible modifications and supporting documents;
Condition of conservation: the tool must make it possible to record and to be able to make a closing of the data on a precise period ;
Archiving condition: the software has the obligation to set an archiving period with frozen and dated data from a technical tool that allows to guarantee the integrity of the data.

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