Merlin is a cash register software developed by Ikosoft and meets the requirements of the NF525 standard. . It has been designed for hair salons, beauty salons and spas. Here are the two versions:


Merlin Coiffure: collection software for hair salons
Merlin Esthetics: cash software for beauty salons


A software certified by AFNOR

Eager to guarantee the smooth running of its customers’ activities, Ikosoft has decided to provide them with certified cash management software. Named Merlin, this computer programme complies with NF525 rules. It is certified by AFNOR Certification.


For your information, any VAT taxable person accepting cash payments from individuals must be equipped with cash register software that complies with the NF525 standard. This measure has been in force since 1 January 2018 and any failure to comply is punishable by a fine of €7,500.


For hair salons and beauty salons, Merlin is the essential solution to avoid penalties when tax officials carry out an inspection.

More than just certified software

A certified cash register system must meet conditions of inalterability, security, archiving and recording. Merlin has been designed not only to meet these requirements but also to facilitate your management operations.


With an intuitive interface, the software offers the possibility to quickly edit receipts and make various changes to an invoice right up to collection.


It also offers a tool that also allows you to quickly create customer files including various information such as contacts (phone numbers, Facebook account, e-mail, etc.), products sold, frequency of visits or loyalty points.


In addition to the functionalities intended for the cash register and customers, Merlin provides you with tools giving the possibility to facilitate the management of stocks, employees and communication campaigns.

About Merlin Air

Merlin Air is the online version of Merlin Certified Software. Connected to the cloud, this one offers two interfaces salon and office to facilitate the management of your beauty salon.


The salon interface provides quick access to customer records, invoices, service records, loyalty cards, discounts and the cash register. The office interface is dedicated to the management of services, packages, employees, product imports, etc.


Note that Merlin Air is accessible from any type of device: computer, tablet (such as the Ipad) and smartphone (such as the Iphone).


Are you planning to acquire NF525 certified software? Opt for Merlin software and bring your establishment into compliance, while benefiting from a product that is both efficient and easy to use.


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