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My Satisfaction

Notice. Analysis. Management. Everything you need.

Logiciel satisfaction et avis clientèle

After each visit, your Merlin software sends a satisfaction questionnaire by sms to your customers.

Image satisfaction - encaissement

As soon as your customer’s collection is complete, his ticket is sent to the “My Satisfaction” platform. After the deadline you have set, an SMS or eMail containing a link is sent to her. When the customer opens the link, the questionnaire is displayed.

Image satisfaction - Mobile questionnaire

The questionnaire concerns the services she has provided and the staff member she has met

Pictogramme Analyse des résultats

Analysis of results.The results are available on the Nomad application in the form of dashboards.

Choose to view them as figures or graphs.

Image satisfaction personnalisation maximale

Maximum customisation for maximum performance.

  • Colours, photos & logo
  • Choice of questions
  • Possibility to make certain answers mandatory
  • Choice of time between the end of the visit and the receipt of the satisfaction survey massage by the customer
  • Choice of media: SMS* or eMail
  • Choice of message text

*Requires SMS subscription

Image remerciement Satisfaction

Be smart!

Each question can be about the salon, the staff, a family of services, the service performed by a staff member…

Les avantages !

Pictogramme clients fidélisés

Strengthens customer relations

Pictogramme fauteuil rendezvous

Improvement of the reception in the salon

Pictogramme collaborateurs impliqués

Involvement of employees

Pictogramme Paramètres personnalisables

Customisable settings

Pictogramme Popcall - Transformation des appels en chiffre d'affaires

aStatistical parameters and analysis of results

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